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“Punk is not about clothes or hairstyles. It is about the energy drawn from a broken heart in the face of a relentless fate. It’s the ability to read between the lines and to stand one’s ground.” Glen Matlock (former bass player for the Sex Pistols)


“Obstacles are not blocking the path. They are the path.” Zen saying



I am an artist and writer and I create textile works, drawings, paintings, and orphan tales out of fibres, plants, fabric and dirt. By exploring the absurdity and terrors of life–and its endless beauty.

The lizard under the stone: Where I’m coming from

Closing my eyes, I remember the vineyards of my childhood, the lizards under the stones and my dog. It was amongst the trees and the flowers, near the flowing river, where I created my first imaginary worlds to flee the harsh reality of my home.

When I was eleven, I was taken away–from my violent father, but also from the river, the flowers and my dog. On my own at 15 and being kicked out of school shortly before graduation, the floating began. Even when I studied a bit of fine art and media design, I stumbled along.

All that changed in 2018, when I got severely ill and almost died. A sepsis put me into a coma. My reality bend and I awoke unable to move but with a glimpse that things could be different. While I fought my way back, I realised transformation is possible—by genuine connection to others and to ourselves, by stories, by nature and by art.

Raw earth and abandoned things: My creative process

I gather raw materials from nature like soil, twigs, fibres, and wool. And I collect cardboard, foil and other packaging materials and forage old tablecloths, bedlinen, or pillowcases in people’s attics or cellars. These abandoned textiles are sensual and soaked with emotions and memories. Fabric can be soothing and warm—but also stained, worn, and torn apart.

Textile Art
For my textile works, I use home-made soy milk, natural pigments and soft pastels, that I make out of earth and oatmeal. I love to create makeshift canvasses using natural and abandoned things onto which I stitch, embroider, draw and paint shapes, textures, and imaginary people—who often stem from my own stories.

Charcoal Drawings
When sketching with charcoal, I am inspired by what the Dadaists and Surrealists called automatic drawing and what the French comic artist Moebius described as meditation for artists, which is a playful, and non-judgemental way to create. I grab some charcoal, begin and end somewhere. That’s it. Usually, I leave these spontaneous drawings as they are and enjoy their rawness.

Writing & Poetry
Like my art, my writing is abstract or focusses on people. I write songs, poems and fragments inspired by what I see, hear, smell and feel in nature. And I create orphan tales inspired by myths and science fiction about people who try to belong in a world that seems to tumble and disintegrate ever more.

Wild, dark and beautiful: Why I create

I want us to be amazed more often just seeing a bird in its flight, catching the whiff of a flower, or seeing the beauty in a smile. I want more love for the wild and dark things, the night, the banshees, and the haunting dreams, because they also belong.

And I want us to grasp the wonder and enormity of being here at all. To touch earth, air, water, fire, plumage, fur, and skin in a world that brims with life and is not only made to die in. Where we scream and yell and realise what a mess, we have made—and where we create beauty after all.



Laumee Fries is a German-based artist and writer who uses earth pigments, soy, charcoal, fibres, textiles and recycled materials to create artworks about belonging and the elusive fabric of reality.


She lives and works near Cologne in Germany and has shown her work in exhibitions in Germany, France, Luxemburg and Switzerland.



  • Fine Art and Stage Design with Pauline Disson and Abuzer Güler at die Etage, Berlin
  • Cultural studies (literature and history) at FernUni Hagen
  • Media Design digital/print at L4 in Berlin




  • 2022 ARTLOKAL, Kabelmetal, Schladern
  • 2017 KUNSTRAUM, Herchener Malkasten, Windeck
  • 2016 Feuer, Wasser, Erde, Luft, Theater am Park, Eitorf*
  • 2013/2014 jede Menge kleine Pop-up Ausstellungen
  • 2012 ALL ALONG THE WITCHTOWER, Walberberg
  • 2011 SHREDS, Museum Föhren
  • 2009 QUIET, KunstAusstellung, Schweich
  • 2007 – 2008 Interimsgalerie in der Hosenstr, Trier
  • 2006 Temporärer Ausstellungsraum in der Pallasstraße, Trier
  • 2005 FORGOTTEN, Kunstverein K&K im Kankenhaus, Trier
  • 2004 BLOODMONEY, Bider & Tanner, Basel, Schweiz
  • 2003 SPUREN DER ZEIT, Residenz Engelsplatz, Lörrach*
  • 2003 Le Nouveau Printemps, Pézenas, Frankreich
  • 2003 Städtische Galerie Villa Aichele, Lörrach*
  • 2002 Mas les Micocouliers, Montagnac, Frankreich
  • 2001 Galerie Nunatak, Berlin
  • 2001 Berolina Schriftbild, Berlin
  • 2000 Galerie im Uhrturm, Dierdorf

* group show




  • 2022 Exhibition catalogue / ARTLOKAL
  • 2020 Carolan’s Harfe / Written by Raymund Dittrich/ Illustrations by me
  • 2003 Exhibition catalogue / Villa Aichele



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