Scraps and Scars

Soy, earth pigments, scraps

and thread on re-used fabric


For these textile paintings, I use old tablecloths, bedlinen, or pillowcases that I find in attics or cellars. Fabric is sensual and soaked with emotions and memories.


It can be soothing and warm – but also stained, worn, and torn apart. Time and dedication are essential to me when I slowly paint life-sized people with soy and earth pigment onto these discarded materials.



Textile art by Laumee Fries. Figurative work on recycled fabric, Natural paint and earth pigments


Egg tempera, earth pigments, thread, silk, ink,
dyed fabric, handspun wool on cotton gauze

120 x 200 cm ( 47 x 79″), 2017

Soy creates an inseparable bond between fibre and pigment after a few weeks. The rough stitches, the patched cracks and the slow emergence of the characters are also essential to this project.

Textile Art by Laumee Fries, Figurative work on recycled fabric with earth pigments and eco paint


Soy, earth pigment, cotton thread, hemp, silk, pencil, crayon, handspun wool on linen tablecloth and cotton gauze

103 x 190 cm (40,5 x 75“), 2021





Soy, earth pigment, cotton thread, fabric scrapsm cotton gauze, handspun wool on cotton fabric (pillowcase and bedding)

75 x 160 cm (29,5 x 63“), 2021

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